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Meet My Gurus
By Purnima Varma - student of IFDA for 4 years

It's not the technique nor the sequence
It's not the flow nor the stepping rythm
It's not the song, not tune nor the lyrics
what makes my dance experience unique
is the richness of my personal connection
with my teachers, in talent who are supreme

I faulted after repeated tries
And I rose after many a fall
I frowned at the difficulty now and then
I let go of the goals after all
Yet my gurus always stood by me
they extended a hand with a smile
You dance with your heart, they said
don't have to be perfect, give it a while

One is so generous, helpfull & caring
A perfectionist at her art, we call her Selvi
The other is loving and ever so smiling
Teaches like a friend, her name is Lavi

My gurus are wonderful people
they teach not just the art
they give us lessons in life
of deep friendships in the heart

Dear all
This is my personal experience. My daughter quit Bharathnatyam after 4yrs of learning since she was not at all enjoying it and the teacher made no impact on her. Then both of my kids joined Selvi's classes 3years back.Selvi and her team found out all the hidden talent in them and both my kids want to do it with all the load from middle school.It is not just pure enjoyment, they won many prizes during this competitive season.When I scheduled their classes Dance is their number one priority.I always want my daughter to learn dance but she made it possible for my son also. I really don't have words to describe those three wonderful ladies: Selvi, Lavanya and Roop. When they do dances outside the dance school people will normally come and ask me , from where they learn this well. That is the biggest certificate any teacher can get.And my daughter quit dance before so full credit needed to be given to the teacher right?
- Raji

Feedback After the FIA Competition 2010 Win

Congratulations on a brilliant performance and several awards in the Fremont Independence event. The hard work and dedication that you, your instructors and the students put in is superior so you all fully deserve the recognition.
- Purnima

Feedback After Jhalak Dreams 2009

Kudos to all the performers , from the little-est tiny-tots :)) (so..... adorable) to all the older kids, to all the beautiful ladies... :) Clearly the performance showed all the hard work that the teachers and students had put in... :)

Three Cheers to Selvi for her leadership and bringing her students together for Jhalak Dreams 2009 for helping a good cause... ~~~~~~"Hip-hip Hurray.... Hip-hip Hurray... Hip-hip Huraay"~~~~~~
- Monika"

I must Congratulate you on the awesome show, it was flawless!From the audience both my husband and my mom said that each and every dance was beautiful!I must thank you for putting so much effort to bring the best out of each child.
- Kavita

Fantastic job ! Congrats to your team. I was especially impressed by the progress many kids have made- including the special need kids, kids who never wanted to be on stage, older kids dancing with grace now.
-Dr.Meena Sathappan"

Feedback After Jhalak Dreams 2008

Congratulations on a great show ! Some of us can only dream of such entrepreneurship and you have achieved it, so ENJOY !! Congratulations to all dancers! There is something to be said about each dance and its uniqueness, however the Couple's dance certainly caught the limelight due to its freshness, costume and the energy the dancers were projecting, so special congratulations to them !"
- Aditi