Who are we & why choose IFDA?

Here are some reasons why you should join Indian-Fusion Dance Academy

Expertise of Instructors: Our instructors are experts in their field of instruction. We have a varied skill staff so it is possible to cover all Indian dance forms as opposed to most schools offering only Bollywood. Our instructors are also well experienced teachers besides being good choreographers and dancers. We do not have students and inexperienced people teaching. So you can be sure of the quality of instruction.

Family Environment/Personal touch: We at IFDA go to great lengths to make sure we know each and everyone of our students not just by their names but, also their personal interests and their families thereby making it possible to have the personal touch. The students form a bond with the instructors and many of the families form relationships that go beyond the walls of the dance school.

Consistency and Stability: Our school has been formed for people in the area by people in the area so we are here for you always. We have instructors who are permanent. We do not have people who are changing constantly.

Organization and Vision: Our school was formed not just for business purposes, but to serve the community in which it is, to give back and thereby instill values that will last a life time in your child. IFDA's special need peer volunteer program and fundraisers are an example of this sincere effort. IFDA is also a Limited Liability Company paying its due share of taxes to the city and state.

Customization and Quality of Choreography: We make sure that the choreography is customized and appropriate for each class. We do not follow a cookie cutter method. Every dance and every class is unique giving rise to the best quality.

Opportunities/Recognition: We make sure every student is recognized. We provide opportunity for all students to participate in events/shows both with the school and outside. We also provide opportunities for all students to compete once they are ready. There is no partiality to a hand picked group of students. Everyone is special at IFDA.

Novelty while keeping traditions alive: Every session we make sure we have a variety of dances that teach our students our wonderful traditional art forms, be it classical or folk. We infuse it with newer techniques so that the students enjoy newer forms of dance while not compromising on our valued tradition and culture.