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Fall Session 2017

August 20th to Nov 5th, 2017

We are all set to start our FALL QUARTER. This is our performance quarter. Performance will be on Nov 5th, 2017



JHALAK DREAMS 2017 NOV 5th 2017


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IFDA Instructors

who are we

Indian-Fusion Dance Academy was founded by Selvi Pragasam who completed her masters in dancing from the prestigious Kalaikaviri School of finearts in South India. After travelling several cities and countries in Europe and Asia for performances, she married and settled in the USA. Selvi founded IFDA in 2006 with a vision of developing it into a complete Indian fine-arts Mecca, offering classes in all Indian and fusion art forms under one roof.

IFDA right now offers Classical, Folk, Fitnesss and Bollyfusion dance classes in Evergreen San Jose. The school's instructors are experts in the field of instruction, bringing with them experience and quality.

IFDA's classes are unique and bring in novelty in choreography by infusing modern dance techniques from all over the world and combining it with traditional dance styles.

IFDA also is an organization that gives back to the community through its charitable fundraisers and special need programs. There are classes for all age groups from 4 and above. IFDA is a close knit organization and IFDA's families share a very special bond.

why choose IFDA?

Here are some reasons why you should join Indian-Fusion Dance Academy

Expertise of Instructors: Our instructors are experts in their field of instruction. We have a varied skill staff so it is possible to cover all Indian dance forms as opposed to most schools offering only Bollywood. Our instructors are also well experienced teachers besides being good choreographers and dancers. We do not have students and inexperienced people teaching. So you can be sure of the quality of instruction.

Family Environment/Personal touch: We at IFDA go to great lengths to make sure we know each and everyone of our students not just by their names but, also their personal interests and their families thereby making it possible to have the personal touch. The students form a bond with the instructors and many of the families form relationships that go beyond the walls of the dance school.

Consistency and Stability: Our school has been formed for people in the area by people in the area so we are here for you always. We have instructors who are permanent. We do not have people who are changing constantly.

Organization and Vision: Our school was formed not just for business purposes, but to serve the community in which it is, to give back and thereby instill values that will last a life time in your child. IFDA's special need peer volunteer program and fundraisers are an example of this sincere effort. IFDA is also a Limited Liability Company paying its due share of taxes to the city and state.

Customization and Quality of Choreography: We make sure that the choreography is customized and appropriate for each class. We do not follow a cookie cutter method. Every dance and every class is unique giving rise to the best quality.

Opportunities/Recognition: We make sure every student is recognized. We provide opportunity for all students to participate in events/shows both with the school and outside. We also provide opportunities for all students to compete once they are ready. There is no partiality to a hand picked group of students. Everyone is special at IFDA.

Novelty while keeping traditions alive: Every session we make sure we have a variety of dances that teach our students our wonderful traditional art forms, be it classical or folk. We infuse it with newer techniques so that the students enjoy newer forms of dance while not compromising on our valued tradition and culture.

IFDA's Instructors


About Selvi

Selvi is the Director and Founder of Indian-Fusion Dance Academy. She founded IFDA in October of 2006. Since then the school has grown rapidly and has a present enrollment of 140 students.

Dance education and training:

Selvi learnt Bharathanatiyam for over 8 years and graduated from the prestigious Kalaikaviri School of Fine Arts, affiliated with Bharathidasan University in Trichy, India.

Kalaikaviri is based on the Kalashetra style of Bharathanatiyam and she was taught by well known gurus from Kalakshetra. Her gurus included Shri V. P. Dhananjayan and Smt. Shanta Dhananjayan, Sri. Narasimha Chary and Smt. Vijaya Mugundan among others. She learnt Bharathanatiyam along with extensive theory. She learnt Mohiniattam, a classical dance from Kerala. She learnt folk dances of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan. The specific folk dances include Kummi, Kolattam, Poikaal Kuthirai, Bhangra, Dandia/Garba and Rajasthani folk

After moving to the US she continued to learn from Smt. Sundara Swaminathan.

Performances and Choreography - India and Europe:

While still a student she was one of the six selected to represent Kalaikaviri in its performances all over India and Europe. She traveled 6 nations in Europe including Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Vatican. The highlight of her Europe trip was when her troupe was requested to perform before his excellency, Pope John Paul II.

In India she performed in inter-college and inter-university competitions winning several honors.

Performances and Choreography - US

After moving to the US she was the cultural director of Lehigh Valley Indian Association. She choreographed and performed on various occasions. One of her choreographies that attained critical acclaim by the Lehigh Valley mainstrean community was when she choreographed a Indian-fusion dance drama called 'A Dancer's Dream'. The dance drama potrayed a fusion of Indian classical including Odissi, Kathak and Bharthanatiyam with western Jazz/hip hop. The climax of the performance was when the dancers dance their respective dance styles to Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire'.

In 1997 her family moved to California. She has since then been involved in an Organization called Jeena which is a support organization for families who have special need children. She is a board member there and has choreographed for children with special needs. She has also choreographed and performed for Jeena's awareness event called Jeena Yahaan for the past 4 years.

She has also choreographed for the Tamil Catholic Community in the Bay Area for various celebrations representing the Indian Catholic Community.


About Lavanya

Lavanya will be teaching dance along with Selvi starting Fall 2008

Dance education and training:

Lavanya Gopal is a disciple of Smt Rukmini Srinivasan and Smt Padmini Ravi. She started learning Bharathanatyam from a tender age of seven. She was one of the first disciples of Smt Rukmini Srinivasan and has been trained under her for almost 8 years in the widely practiced Tanjavur and Mysore style. She also continued her dance lessons from Smt Padmini Ravi for almost four years. She has completed dance exams under the guidance of Smt Rukmini Srinivasan and has innumerable performances to her credit.

Performances and Choreography

Some of her performances include "Rasa Leela Tarangini", in which she played the main role, Bhaktha Prahalada, Dashavatharam, Srinivasa kalyanam, etc. She won the first prize for an intercollegiate Bharathanatyam competition held from all over Karnataka. Lavanya is a Post Graduate in Marketing Management and also has a masters degree in Sanskrit. She has also learnt carnatic music for eight years under the guidance of her aunt and Guru Smt Vijayavalli Rajagopalan.

Her incredible background/training, her passion to work with children and her most pleasing nature has made her to be the right choice to join the faculty at IFDA.


About Deepa

Deepa has her roots in classical Bharatanatyam. She started learning at age 5 under the tutelage of Padmashree Saroja Vaidyanathan in New Delhi, performed her arangetram in 1982 and has given over a 100 performances all over India and in the US. She also ran her own school in the bay area for a bit before more recently branching out into other forms of dance and fitness. She is now a certified La Blast, Bombay Jam and UJam instructor and leads fitness workshops and classes on Strength, Dance and Yoga here in the bay area. She is super proud to be associated with IFDA, one of the pioneering dance institutions in the bay area and is thrilled to be leading their Fitness program.